The process of creating our jewellery begins with an inspiration or an insight. At this stage, our designers blend their ideas and inspirations and turn them into a sketch.


This is when the sketches go from an idea to a physical form. From creating CAD designs to using 3D technology to create wax models; each sketch breathes in life with physical prototypes.


The wax moulds are used to create an inverse mould over which liquid gold is poured and casted to bring the designs to life in their golden form. This is followed by polishing and buffing.


- At this stage, our craftsmen handpick the right stones based on your selection. They skilfully file the diamonds for maximum sparkle and ensure that they sit perfectly on their setting.


Once the stones are set, our craftsmen polish the metals till they achieve the right luster. Then they apply the desired finish and texture, after which they add the finer details.

Quality Check

At this stage, every piece of jewellery is carefully assessed and examined. Our strict and detail oriented QC experts make sure that your jewellery adheres to the highest quality standards.