The Start

Jewelamo is founded with inspiration from the premium, yet affordable jewellery line by Dhanraj jewellers.


Since June 2018, we have partnered with Dhanraj jewelers to cater to the youth who need jewellery that keeps up their fast moving lives. This partnership has taken us closer to achieving our shared mission- to make beautiful jewellery accessible to everyone.


Our mission is to make beautiful jewellery accessible. Jewellery that not only makes a woman look beautiful, but also make her feel beautiful and loved.


Our style is relentlessly modern, yet intensely respectful of traditions. We always look for better and newer ways to do things - from the designs that we make, to the experiences that we deliver. We are open in our interactions with our customers. Our prices and policies are always transparent.


When buying at Jewel Amo, you can always be assured of the highest quality standards. Every piece of jewellery is meticulously crafted with utmost care. It goes through a thorough quality check and is then taken through a third party certification.