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About Jewelamo

As the whole world moved to digital, the jewellery industry couldn’t lag. Such opportunity could not be missed, especially by one of the best known jewellery designers in India, Dhanraj Jewellers.

Keeping its elegance, integrity and beauty alive in its design and quality we present to you Jewelamo, your perfect online jewellery platform.

We aim at revolutionizing real jewellery and the lifestyle scenario in India, with a firm focus on craftsmanship, quality and user experience. We aspire to have a loyal customer relationship and establish our footprints all over India. Our in-house professional and talented design team focuses on the details of each product and make it a perfect masterpiece. We make sure brilliance is well seen in all our jewellery what with our cutting edge innovations and latest digital usage technology.

We invite you to indulge & engage with us thus sharing our love for jewellery and to not limit yourselves to business and sales, but to satiate your creative streak sometimes. If you feel we can do better, we would love to incorporate your suggestions into our work. We thank you for being a part of our revolution and for encouraging us. We heartily welcome you to the Jewelamo family!

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Discover our unriveled selection of must-have jewelry in timeless styles.

December 2017

Discover our finely curated collection

Discover our finely curated collection

Discover our finely curated collection

Discover our finely curated collection